In the past few years, female artists have become more and more relevant in music as tastes have diversified and women have become more independent in an initially male dominated industry. They are great role models for young girls and show them that they can find success in wildly competitive industry through hard work and dedication. In particular, two British female singers have found more fame over the past year, with their second albums seeming to mark a turning point in their careers.

One of these artists is Florence Welch, the lead singer of the indie rock band Florence and the Machine. With the release of their first album, Lungs, the band, and in particular Florence, gained critical acclaim and a loyal indie following. Both her unique, striking look and her distinctive voice allowed her music to find a niche market. Sticking to her classic ethereal sound, but with ramped up vocals and anthem style tunes, the bands second album, Ceremonials, delivered exactly what her fans wanted and earned further success and respect. Her stunning live performances are likely to be a contributor to her image as a true artist, and her recent singles seem to have more appeal for the masses, gaining more recognition. Critics rated the second album even higher than the first, showing that the band has made progress from an already pretty great album.

The second artist is Marina Diamandis, better known as Marina and the Diamonds. Her career seems to be following a similar trajectory, although she is not quite as far along yet. Her first album, The Family Jewels, received some radio airplay, especially the single Hollywood, and earned her a number of fans, but wider acclaim eluded her. Following an image/character reinvention, she released a second album, which has so far reached a much wider audience and seems to have a more mature sound. The album features the number one single Primadonna, produced by Dr Luke and Cirkut, showing the calibre of the support she has for her latest venture. The album Electra Heart, released in April this year, debuted at number 1 in the UK, a testament to the number of fans she already had, and the number she gained.

There are other singers who have found a similar hike in their popularity and success with their second album. A good example is Adele, whose second album 21 received much more hype and interest than her first, 19. It also launched her career worldwide, allowing her to easily make a name for herself in America. It seems that the time between the first and second album gives artists a chance to reflect on their work and what they want it to be, and to improve their lyrics, sound and melodies. It is artists like these who keep their integrity and can be sure to not become one hit wonders or to disappear after one hit song.

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