UK mobile phone comparison service commissioned research into the number of people taking the time to shop around for the best mobile phone deals.

They claimed that despite 76% of Britains citing price as the most important factor when choosing a new mobile contract.

In terms of importance this is how customers rated different factors involved when choosing a mobile deal:

  • Price 76%
  • Number minutes/texts 49%
  • Phone brand 21%
  • Contract length 28%
  • Network coverage 26%

less than 7% of customers network in spite of 36% taking up to two weeks to shop around for alternative deals. All this in spite of the ongoing recession and that fact that many people simply do not have money to waste.

Another online comparison site believed there were a number of factors involved:

Whilst a significant numer of people could save money by switching network providers, often the price differential is not a big enough incentive. Other factors such as network coverage, multiple contracts in the same household or friends on the same network all come into play, as well as the additional effort of porting your number. Networks have done a great job of improving customer retention over the last few years, increasing contract lengths in response to increased handset prices and tying social groups in via discounted calls to friends and family or those on the same network.

Thoughts echoed by the Telegraph in response to the same report (commissioned with YouGov).


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