Every year, when the summer season approaches our thoughts start to turn to our eagerly anticipated holidays, and more importantly, what we will wear on them. With every passing week, the swimwear landing in shops begins to look more and more appealing to us, despite the fact that we already own a pile of perfectly adequate pieces from previous years. Why, when our current pieces of apparel are still in good condition, do we lust after new designs and styles? Maybe it is just part of our summer routine, helping us to gear up for the hotter time of the year, or maybe it owes to the fickle nature of fashion. Regardless of the reasons, there are a range of new swimwear trends for 2012 for you to indulge in and try out for yourself.

One such trend draws inspiration from styles that have been prevalent in main line collections for a few seasons; printed swimwear of all kinds is big this year. Most years, florals make an appearance in spring/summer collections, so it should be easy to work some into your beach wardrobe, whether in an intricate pattern or a large flower motif. Safari styles and animal prints are great for making an impression wherever you are. If you love leopard print, snake print, any animal print then this trend is perfect for you. Digital prints are also still in favour, and they will give an instant update to your beach look. The great thing about a print design is that they are available in any and all colours, so you can choose a shade that is most flattering to your skin tone.

Another style that has been popular for a while is sporty swimwear, which is especially relevant this year because of the Olympic influence. Think bold, block, primary colours with bands for contrast, zips, chunky shapes and thick material. This style is about practical but stylish pieces to accentuate and flatter your shape.

A great choice for anyone who loves to work up a tan throughout their holiday, white swimwear made appearances on several runways and is now arriving in droves in stores. Available in all kinds of styles, it is easy to find something that with suit your body shape. The colour is classic and timeless, and you can choose to reflect this or go for a more edgy piece to contrast the vintage influence. A lovely way to play with this style is to opt for crochet or knit swimwear, which will give you a great nod to the 70’s throwback style that is very popular this season.

Finally, cutaway, strappy or sculptural swimwear is good for creating the illusion that you are showing more skin than you are if you prefer a more conservative style, and is right on trend this season. There is an abundance of cut away one pieces in a variety of shapes and one-shoulder designs are especially popular at the moment.

The main thing to keep in mind when choosing new pieces to add to your collection is that you need to be comfortable in it and it should fit you well. Your choice should be guided by what you want to wear and what you like, rather than solely by what is fashionable at any moment in time. Whether you choose high street or designer, make sure it is the right choice for you.

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