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The Opening Ceremony, commencing at 9pm on the 27th of July, was an excellent precursor to the 2012 London Olympic games. Directed by Danny Boyle, it showed the different phases that the country has been through, as well as showing British music through the years. Following this all of the countries walked out with their respective flags, and the Queen declared the Olympics officially open. Some of the teams were very large, whereas others comprised of just three or four members, showing the diversity of those participating and the different levels of dedication countries give to their sporting teams.

It is hoped that hosting the games in London will help encourage the UK’s athletes and possibly lead to more medal wins than in previous years. Having stands filled with support and the pride of having the games in their country seems to be working, as so far the athletes have been performing very well. At the moment, the United Kingdom is placed third in the league table, behind the China and the USA Hopefully this place will be retained and the UK will be ranked higher than the 4th place achieved at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. The next countries in the table are also big nations like South Korea, France and Germany. Unfortunately, there is quite a gap in terms of the number of medals between Great Britain and the 2 leaders in this area, but with 204 nations competing, 3rd place is still impressive. Great Britain’s medal total is 37, compared to the US’s 60 and China’s 61.

British gold medal winners include Jessica Ennis, Andy Murray, Chris Hoy, Victoria Pendleton, Greg Rutherford and many more. After years of training and hard work, it must be very gratifying for these individuals to receive the highest acclaim in their chosen sports at the Olympic games held in their country.

All in all, preparation for the Olympics has cost £24 billion, so it is hoped that tourist revenue will make up for this and help the UK economy get back on its feet. The money has been spent on the various venues that are being used for the array of sports, and on improving transport in and around London. Despite this investment in better transport links, London is likely to be much busier during the three weeks of the Olympics because of the influx of people from around the UK and the world. Certain postcodes around these venues are not allowed to receive deliveries because of the security risks surrounding such a large event that draws in so many people. There is also high security around the venues, to minimise the risk of any threats from getting into the buildings. Great care is being taken to ensure everything runs smoothly and safely.

The Opening Ceremony and the actual Olympic games themselves have so far been going very well, showing that London was a good choice as the host of the games, and bringing another impressive piece of history to Britain in 2012, a year when so much has happened already.