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Although long-term devotees to the original Alien series may be disappointed by this prequel, Prometheus as a stand-alone project is pretty good. As someone who has not seen any other films from the Alien franchise, I can vouch for the fact that you do not need any prior knowledge of the concept to enjoy Prometheus, although it does mean some of the links to the other movies are likely to go unnoticed. In some ways it may be better to go into the cinema without any standards against which to measure the film, as I definitely was not sure what to expect.


One of the best things about the film is its excellent cast. Big names such as Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce and Noomi Rapace feature in the film. Believable performances help to suck you into the drama and make you feel as though you are involved, as does the powerful atmosphere created by Scott. The movie offers more than just action and thrills, there are also minor romantic plots woven into the main storyline, which is itself woven into the storyline of the saga. Well shot and directed, the whole film comes together well because of the contribution from all areas of production, including the screenplay, actors and the direction.

I found Prometheus to be an enjoyable film to watch, if a bit scary in some places, although what I deem to be frightening may be seen as child’s play by some. With an age rating of 15 compared to the usual 18 in the Alien series, the movie involves less gore than the others, although that aspect is still present, and is in some ways less scary, although there are still moments that will make you jump. It seems that in Prometheus, there is more focus on the concept and the story, rather than on the actual action with the aliens themselves. There are a few moments in the film that seem to drag at times, and as with any film, it is down to personal taste. Individual’s reception of the film probably also depends on expectations people have and what they want the film to be. In my opinion, it is well worth a watch.